Police firearms charity barred from sponsoring under 15 football team

A police charity has been barred from providing new kit to an under-15s football team because it has the word ‘firearms’ in its title.

Jun 11, 2021
By Tony Thompson

The Police Firearms Officers’ Association (PFOA) wanted to provide a new kit for Chatteris FC’s youth side in Cambridgeshire but was told this was against Football Association (FA) rules as the reference to weapons could be considered ‘detrimental’ to young people.

Rule 8(a) of the FA’s sponsorship guidelines, which states: “The appearance on or incorporation in any item of Clothing, Football Boots or Other Equipment of any reference whatsoever to a product, service or other activity which is considered by The Association as detrimental to the welfare, health or general interest of young persons, or is otherwise considered inappropriate, having regard to the age of the players, is prohibited.”

Responding to the news on Twitter, the PFOA posted: “@FA Disappointed that you will not let us sponsor a local U15 football team in Chatteris because we have firearms in our name! We are a charity, have a museum that educates young people and wanted to help our community. No new kit now for these lads.”

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