Graduates will not be fast-tracked to Scottish senior roles

The Scottish government has dismissed suggestions that graduates will be fast-tracked to detective and superintendent roles.  

Mar 28, 2019
By Serena Lander
Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf

Unlike England and Wales, which plan to introduce fast-track routes allowing graduates to apply directly to more senior roles, Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf believes officers must have spent time “working on the front line 

Addressing the Scottish Police Federation as Justice Secretary for the first time on Wednesday (March 27), Mr Yousaf told the conference “there will be no direct entrants under my watch”.  

The Federation has previously expressed its opposition to direct entry.  

Mr Yousaf also stressed the importance of attracting and retaining a diverse range of officers and staff who reflect the communities they serve. 

“While training is of course important, officers must carry the authority and the respect of communities they serve, and also of their colleagues – and that is something built up as an organisation, as the sum of all its parts, and embodied in the actions of every officer as they go about their work,” he said.  

In addition, he praised the ongoing progress of Scotland’s Health and Justice Collaboration Board to ensure that police and health services work together.  

“I will not be supporting any proposal for direct entry to inspector or superintending ranks in Scotland, in the way which is proposed south of the Border,” Mr Yousaf added. 

“I believe that those who lead other officers must have spent time working on the front line, to develop the knowledge of how we police our communities and understand the demanding jobs that our officers undertake day in and day out. 



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