West Mercia and Warwickshire forces loosen recruitment criteria

West Mercia Police and Warwickshire Police have widened their recruitment nets to include those without a Level 3 qualification if they have served in the armed forces, emergency services or had significant professional contact with the public. 

Nov 7, 2018
By Neil Root

The announcement made on Tuesday (November 6) means that the two forces are among the first to extend their eligibility criteria. 

Applicants from the armed forces will now be considered if they have served at least five years or are six to nine months away from leaving the military, provided they have an exemplary disciplinary record.  

Likewise, “workers from relevant emergency services or public-facing organisations”, such as paramedics and communications staff may apply, with people with other public contact role experience considered on an individual basis. 

Previously, candidates had to have a Level 3 qualification (equivalent to two A’ Levels grade A-C), or already be in a policing role, such as a police community support officer or special constable.  

West Mercia Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans said: “We are looking to swell our ranks of police officers, and we welcome quality candidates with military or public-facing customer experience.” 

Warwickshire Assistant Chief Constable Alex Franklin-Smith added: “In addition to increasing our pool of quality candidates with public-facing customer experience, this widening of our eligibility criteria will also support the employment of military veterans.” 


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