Trained eye for digital detail

A new training scheme has been launched to help preserve digital and technological evidence at crime scenes.

Jul 28, 2005
By Keith Potter
Andy Marsh

Centrex`s National Specialist Law Enforcement Centre (NSLEC) and National

Centre for Applied Learning Technologies (NCALT) have launched the first e-learning based training course for all police officers and staff first on the scene of a crime involving technology based evidence.

Deputy Director General of the National Crime Squad and Chair of the National High Tech Crime Strategic Stakeholders Group, Mr Jim Gamble said: “It is vital that all police are trained to investigate technology based criminality – particularly the highly sensitive area of online child abuse. By preserving technological evidence where the crime has been committed and ensuring all material seized is dealt with in a consistent and confidential manner, we can maintain the highest level of professionalism in our efforts to combat such crimes.”

Philip Geering, Director Policy at the Crown Prosecution Service added: “Digital evidence is amongst the most compelling when handled correctly and may spare vulnerable victims having to give evidence”

The training package will be available to police officers and staff of all ranks and roles and is fully supported by the ACPO National High Tech Crime Working Group.

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