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A new web-based application extends secure, real-time intelligence to operational teams and managers

Jul 9, 2009
By Paul Jacques
Iain Packer

A new web-based application extends secure, real-time intelligence to operational teams and managers
i2 iBase IntelliShare from i2, specialist in intelligence and investigation management software, enables operational teams and managers to securely access, collaborate on and share information. The end result is real-time, vital intelligence delivered at the point of need.
iBase IntelliShare opens up the high-value intelligence held in the iBase data repository – which allows analysts to capture, control and analyse multi-source data in a secure environment – to wider operational teams. This enables secure, controlled access and contributions to the intelligence stored in the repository without requiring the involvement of an analyst.
Stephen Dalzell, principal analyst at Hertfordshire Constabulary, said: “iBase IntelliShare has already made a big impact on how Hertfordshire Constabulary operates, as we have been able to significantly improve the level of working knowledge our officers are armed with and provide them with a tool that is far more efficient and effective.
“It empowers our officers to be more entrepreneurial in the way they approach investigations and retain this initiative at all times.”
The application is a core component of the new i2 Intelligence-Led Operations Platform – which helps organisations to not only capture and analyse data, but place the intelligence in the hands of those who need it.
Key benefits include:
•Extends the value of intelligence to wider operational teams as entire organisations can contribute to intelligence collection and analysis activities.
•Secure, intuitive web-based browser interface encourages greater collaboration and intelligence sharing.
•Increases the effectiveness of analysts by allowing them to spend more time on analysis by enabling self-service access to analytical outputs and intelligence.
It is also designed for other operational users who require only lightweight capabilities for search, data visualisation and controlled data entry.


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