Thought-provoking poem highlights ‘important theme’ in policing

A teenager’s thought-provoking poem on policing has been praised by West Yorkshire’s police and crime commissioner (PCC) for “demonstrating such an important theme”.

Sep 10, 2020
By Paul Jacques
Mark Burns-Williamson

The ‘reverse’ piece, Make Sure To Look All Ways, centres around two different points of view on the police – telling one story when read from the top down, and another when read from the bottom up.

Written by 16-year-old Maya Rajab from Huddersfield, the poem, which can be read below, was the winner of PCC Mark Burns-Williamson’s youth writing competition.

The competition was launched in June with a view to engaging and consulting more of West Yorkshire’s youth.

It challenged young people aged ten to 21 to get creative and write a short story based on their views and experiences of policing and community safety.

Mr Burns-Williamson, said: “I was extremely impressed with Maya’s poem and it really does demonstrate such an important theme. Considering different points of view and being open-minded really are crucial skills, especially in policing.”

The PCC’s favourite stories will now be featured on his website and social media accounts with the overall winner receiving a £100 online gift card.


Make Sure To Look All Ways

I don’t feel safe

So don’t try to convince me that

There are people helping to keep me feeling brave

But from what I’ve experienced and heard

There seems to be no one doing anything at all

Around and outside my home

I don’t feel protected

No longer can I say

I am 100% safe because

I don’t feel free

So don’t try to convince me

I believe and trust the police

Everyone sees them as brave and inspirational

But not us, you and I know that

People think they don’t deserve it

They are not good enough to be praised

So don’t try prove to me that

The PCCs help create a safer environment for us

Forget about trying to make a change

So don’t try force me to

create strong connections with the neighbours

Share a positive state of mind to

Keep a cool, calm and collected behaviour and

Help all people, as it’s the most humane thing to do

Regardless of anything

(Now read from the bottom to the top)


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