SYP unveils strategy of 'small changes' to shift from blue to green

South Yorkshire Police has unveiled a five-year strategy of ‘small changes’ to boost its green credentials and make the force more sustainable.

Oct 13, 2020
By Tony Thompson
SYP Sustainability Manager Danielle Taylor, Chief Constable Stephen Watson QPM and Dr Alan Billings

The strategy builds on the work of the past year, which has seen the force expand its fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles, including electric off-road bikes and police cars, to reduce both fuel costs and carbon emissions.

In addition, 150 staff have been trained in eco-driving techniques while others have been encouraged to find greener ways of getting to work. The force has also increased its efforts in recycling property, donating bicycles and blankets to charity.

The force believes that further small changes among its 5,000 officers and staff, 700 vehicles and 93 buildings can further boost sustainability, despite the challenges posed by dealing with coronavirus.

The five-year plan will see officers and staff work towards quality education, health and wellbeing, reducing inequalities, responsible production and consumption and climate action.

Chief Constable Stephen Watson QPM, said: “Whilst we recognise the challenges our colleagues and communities are currently facing, we want to ensure that the hard work of those involved in the development of this strategy is not forgotten. This important agenda is still integral to the work we undertake; and delivering our new strategy in the context of Covid-19, will enable us to innovate and achieve desired outcomes.”

“In developing our new strategy, we delivered a comprehensive engagement programme across the force to involve our colleagues and explore how to widen our impact and transition to Net positive sustainability. Our new strategy outlines a fresh approach with staff reviewing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to identify where we as a force could add the most value locally. South Yorkshire Police is looking forward to working with our partners and colleagues to deliver a positive impact on a wide range of issues including climate action, social value, reduced inequalities and importantly, health and well-being; to further embed sustainability throughout all that we do.”

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner, said: “The force has a forward thinking approach to sustainability. It ensures that the environmental impact of any decisions is always thought through and consideration given to where improvements can be made. This innovative new strategy will promote even greater action and ensure the delivery of excellence across all strategic themes, making a real difference to the communities we serve.

“I believe there is a responsibility on all public organisations, like the police, to lead the way in making themselves as sustainable as they can and to play their part in reducing their carbon footprint.”

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