Sussex Police recover dog stolen eight years ago

Officers from the Rural Crime Team of Sussex Police have helped return a cocker-spaniel to her rightful home – eight years after she was stolen from the front garden.

Jan 7, 2022
By Tony Thompson
Cassie and her pups

The team conducted a number of raids in November looking for a stolen dog along with the RSPCA and Trading Standards following a tip-off from a member of the public.

The dog, Cassie, was safely located together with puppies who are thought to be hers. The force also shared body-worn video footage of the moment the owners were reunited with their long-lost pet.

Inspector Oliver Fisher said: “As is often the case, it was useful information from the public that assisted us and we are grateful to them as ever for coming forward. We recognise the impact a stolen pet can have on a family which is why part of the team’s remit is to investigate stolen dogs. In recent months we have recovered stolen dogs, and also assisted the RSPCA in seizing puppies being kept in appalling conditions in puppy farms. “

The pandemic has seen a rise in people owning pets as a companion, however, this has seen a rise in criminals stealing animals to sell on or breed.

Insp Fisher added: “The inflated prices of puppies has resulted in unscrupulous individuals breeding dogs purely for profit. I would urge anyone considering buying a puppy to think carefully about who they buy from. Insist on seeing the home where the puppies and mother are kept. Does the mother look healthy? Are the conditions acceptable? Prospective buyers who turn a blind eye to irresponsible breeders not only perpetuate the suffering of animals but risk buying a puppy with significant health issues, which can be costly to treat and sometimes fatal.”

“If you have concerns about the welfare of the dogs please inform the RSPCA. Should you have any information relating to a stolen dog, please contact us on 101.”

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “We assisted police officers as they executed warrants following information related to a stolen dog and were pleased to recover Cassie – and three puppies – and return her to her owners who were absolutely thrilled to have her home after so many years.”

A spokesperson for Cassie’s family said: “We are so thankful to have our Cassie back home, after eight years since being separated from her. Cassie has settled in very well and is enjoying her daily dog walks. As for the three puppies, they have all gone to good homes and are loving their new set family life.”

“It was a priceless Christmas present to us as a family and we want this to bring hope to others who have had their dog lost or stolen. Finally, we would like to thank the Police and everyone involved in helping us retain Cassie and her puppies back to us.”

You can watch the moment Cassie was reunited with her owners here.

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