States of Jersey Police celebrates 70 years

States of Jersey Police celebrates its 70th anniversary this month, having been founded on May 24, 1952 – the same year as the Queen’s coronation.

Jun 1, 2022
By Paul Jacques

It was formed with just 64 officers under the leadership of Chief Officer Henry Le Brocq after taking over from the Honorary Police.

Today, the force has 215 police officers and 121 civilian staff.

The Honorary Police dated back to the 15th century, and up to 1853 policing on the island was their responsibility. But it was decided that a ‘paid police’ force should be established in St Helier to patrol the parish.

It was not until some 50 years later that the force branched out and began to police the other parishes.

During the Occupation, auxiliary officers began to work with the paid police and they both patrolled using a car at night and motorcycle during the day. By 1950 a mobile section had been formed but still remained a parish organisation until 1952 when the new police force became official on May 24, 1952.

“So 2022 not only represents the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, it also signifies the 70th anniversary of the States of Jersey Police,” said the force.

States of Jersey Police said there were several plans are in place throughout the year to commemorate its 70th year.

A force photo to include as many officers and police staff as possible will be taken this month, and a flag designed especially for the 70th year will be flown from police headquarters for the remainder of the year.

Officers are also working with Jersey Trees for Life to plant 70 trees later in the year.

Robin Smith, chief officer since January 2020, said: “The States of Jersey Police is a community within a community and I am proud to be a part of the team, seeing first-hand how tirelessly the officers and staff work and how dedicated they are to the job.

“There’s been enormous change over the years. In 1952 the newly-formed States of Jersey Police received just 2,700 calls and in 2021 it was 28,000. Times are very different in terms of technology; computers, mobile phones, cyber-crime as well as the complexity of investigations.

“What hasn’t changed is States of Jersey Police’s core values. We are, and always will be here to serve and protect islanders. We are after all islanders in uniform.”

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