Shots aimed at Streatham terrorist struck supermarket and pharmacy

Some of the bullets fired by police officers pursuing Streatham terrorist Sudesh Amman passed through the window of a nearby supermarket and a pharmacy, it has been revealed.

Feb 11, 2020
By Tony Thompson

A preliminary report by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) said that a total of six shots were fired by two Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) officers. One woman was taken to hospital after being injured by flying glass.

IOPC investigators attended the scene on the day of the shooting (February 2) and took initial accounts from the officers involved. Those officers have since provided more detailed accounts of their actions.

IOPC staff also attended the post-mortem, which was carried out on February 4, but the results have not yet been made available.

The IOPC stressed that no individual police officers were under investigation but rather were being treated as witnesses.

IOPC Director for London Sal Naseem said: “We are liaising with the Metropolitan Police and working hard to ensure our investigation into the fatal shooting is completed as quickly as possible while ensuring the police are able to complete their enquiries into this attack.

“Our role in these circumstances is to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident and we will be providing our evidence and an investigation report to the Coroner and the Metropolitan Police in due course. It is also important that we establish what information the police had and how they responded to it in the days after Sudesh Amman’s release and prior to his death.

“We will also be examining what information the police had and the action they took following Mr Amman’s release from prison on January 23 until he was fatally shot shortly after attacking two people with a knife.

The IOPC also said it was conducting a separate investigation into a road traffic incident involving a MPS car that collided with two vehicles while responding to the terror attack. Two people received minor injuries.

On the day of the attack there was some confusion about whether the two incidents were connected, but the IOPC said the accident is not being considered as part of the investigation into the death of Amman as it took place shortly afterwards.

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