Police use ‘smart helmets’ to detect people with coronavirus

Italian police are one of the first authorities in Europe to deploy a ‘smart helmet’ that uses thermal cameras to detect individuals with symptoms of Covid-19.

May 26, 2020
By Paul Jacques

The fast-scanning, infrared camera is connected to an AR (augmented reality) headset, allowing officers to measure people’s temperature in real-time.

Developed by Chinese company KC Wearable, the helmet is able to identify individuals with Covid-19 at 96 per cent accuracy. It can scan up to 13 people at once and 200 in a minute.

The helmet can also be paired with contact-tracing apps, helping to provide a more detailed and accurate overview of the spread of the virus.

With major restrictions on international travel likely to be in place for some time, KC Wearable says the helmet is being deployed globally at airports, including in Rome, and other major transport hubs such train stations to help limit the spread of the virus.

Dr Jie Guo, global head at KC Wearable, said: “As we have seen in many countries, the ability to identify the virus is the first step in being able to control it. The KC Helmet allows officials to do just that by providing them with an accurate detection method.”

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