PCC funds iconic ‘blue lamps’ in homage to golden era of neighbourhood policing

Several police stations across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland will soon have Victorian-style blue lamps installed outside the building to make the police more visible in their communities and help connect more closely to the residents they serve.

Jan 24, 2024
By Paul Jacques
Rupert Matthews installs one of the replica 'blue lamps'

To mark the national Neighbourhood Policing Week of Action, police and crime commissioner Rupert Matthews announced plans to fund several Mercia Lanterns – a replica of the Victorian police lantern first used in London in the 1800s – at several sites across the city and two counties.

The ‘Blue Lamp’ as it came to be known became a powerful symbol of law and order in Britain, spanning several generations.

It was originally used to help people easily identify a police station, seen as a place of safe refuge and help, giving reassurance to the public – something the PCC said he wants to see recreated today.

Mr Matthews said: “The Blue Lamp is an iconic piece of British policing history and symbolises not only law, order and justice, but safety and sanctuary. These values are just important to our communities today and this is just one of the many ways I aim to reconnect residents with the policing values of the past.

“As commissioner, I have made it my mission to increase confidence and trust in local policing.

“The visible presence of a police officer or police station at the heart of a community has always offered immeasurable reassurance to residents.

“This symbolic gesture will help to remind people that the police take their safety seriously and are there to provide help when it is needed.”

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