PC who sent ‘sexual’ texts to woman dismissed

A police constable who sent “sexualised messages” to a woman has been dismissed without notice after allegations of gross misconduct were proven.

Oct 15, 2020
By Paul Jacques

PC Farouk Abubakar, who was attached to the Metropolitan Police Service’s (MPS) South West Command Unit, met the woman while on duty in the front office of Kingston police station.

A misconduct hearing, which concluded on Thursday (October 15), said the woman had attended the station on June 21, 2017, “seeking advice”.

The MPS said: “After the member of the public left the front office, PC Abubakar continued to contact her from his own personal phone, sending sexualised messages and a photograph.”

It was alleged that in doing so, PC Abubakar had breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of ‘honesty and integrity’, ‘equality and diversity’, ‘authority, respect and courtesy’, ‘orders and instructions’ and ‘discreditable conduct’.

The chair found the allegations under the professional standards of honesty and integrity, discreditable conduct, orders and instructions and authority, respect and courtesy “were proven at gross misconduct”.

The allegations under the professional standard of equality and diversity were found as not proven.

The MPS said PC Abubakar was dismissed without notice.

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