PC feared he would be shot dead

A police officer who was threatened with a gun while pursuing a suspect has said he feared he would be killed.

Jun 10, 2022
By Website Editor
Body-worn video footage captured the moment the officer was threatened with a gun.

On Monday, November 3, 2020, at around 3am, a group of men made their way to a recording studio on Woolwich Church Street, SE18, and fired three shots at a group, injuring a woman and a man. Police were immediately called and began a fast-time search for the offenders who left in a stolen car.

Officers from dog support unit located the vehicle – it failed to stop and crashed into a parked car shortly after. Five men ran off, leaving behind two magazines containing live ammunition, three large Rambo knives and a machete.

While the officer was chasing one of the men, Mucktar Khan, turned and pointed a handgun, a Turkish Retay 9mm semi-automatic, at him and his police dog, PD Cruz.

He said: “When the gun was pointed directly at my face my instant reaction was to turn away in fear, I thought I was about to be killed. However I continued to chase after them as they are dangerous individuals who needed removing from the streets. Had I not have continued to chase after them then they would have got away and still had access to a deadly firearm.

“The presence of two police dogs during this incident was instrumental. One of the dogs found a discarded firearm and another played a significant role in capturing one of the suspects. I joined the police so I could stop violent and dangerous criminals who pose a risk to society from causing harm to communities and this case is a classic example of that.”

The officer continued to chase him and Khan was arrested shortly after by firearms officers in a nearby estate.

Three others, Myiles Brown, Joshua Fasoro and Don-Juan Newman, were arrested by armed officers hiding nearby.

The Metropolitan Police Service’s Trident team, responsible for the investigation of all non-fatal shootings in London, took on the case. Following a five week trial at Croydon Crown Court the defendants were convicted of the following:

  • Mucktar Khan – 23, of Tavy Close, SE11, who pointed the gun at the police officer, was convicted of possession of a prohibited firearm and additionally convicted of possession of a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence. He was sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment.
  • Myiles Brown – 22, of Cormont Road, SE5, was convicted of possession of a prohibited firearm and sentenced to seven years and six months’ imprisonment.
  • Joshua Fasoro – 21, of Elmington Estate, SE5, was convicted of possession of a prohibited firearm and a further possession of a prohibited firearm relating to a 2019 matter whereby a revolver was recovered in an electrical cupboard that also contained his DNA sample. He was sentenced eight years and six months’ imprisonment.
  • Don-Juan Newman – 23, of Oak Square, SW9, was convicted of possession of a prohibited firearm and sentenced to seven years and six months’ imprisonment.

All four were acquitted of the attempted murder of the man and woman. The fifth man was never found but inquiries to trace him continue.

Detective Constable Andy Brackley said: “The actions of these four men that night were brazen and extremely reckless. We don’t believe the two victims shot that night were the intended targets and it is only down to sheer luck that their injuries were not fatal. Although both have recovered they are both still suffering with the long-term health implications caused by their injuries.

“It was the immediate and coordinated response of the officers that night that led to us capturing these dangerous offenders. Tackling violence is the Met’s number one priority and our plans are strong, with highly trained and skilled officers responding to incidents when they do occur.

“The footage from the officer’s body worn camera is shocking and displays the bravery and dedication officers can sometimes face. PD Cruz was also instrumental that evening in apprehending one of the offenders.”

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