Officer pay process being undermined, warns Cleveland Federation chair

Police officers deserve a pay rise that reflects the cost-of-living and would address the hardship colleagues are facing, Cleveland Police Federation has said.

Feb 12, 2024
By Paul Jacques
Paul Crowley

Federation chair Paul Crowley said the description of last year’s pay award as  “historically high” could undermine the next review of the police pay.

He was responding to a letter Home Secretary James Cleverly wrote to the Police Remuneration Review Body in December.

The Home Secretary wrote: “In 2023/24, the Pay Review Bodies recommended historically high pay awards for their respective workforces in light of the extraordinary macroeconomic context.

“Accepting these recommendations, whilst not increasing borrowing, required tough decisions. It is vital that the Pay Review Bodies consider the historic nature of the 2023/24 awards and the Government’s affordability position that will be set out further in written evidence.”

Mr Crowley warned this undermined the fairness of next year’s award.

He said: “We want a fair process. We want that process to be maintained, open and transparent, without influence from elsewhere.

“By feeding that information in that this is ‘historically high’ what that does is seek to undermine the next review of the police pay.

“We’ve never wanted anything more than what is fair and what is right. We want to be paid a fair amount for the work that we do, the commitment that we demonstrate day in and day out, and we want nothing more than that. And it’s disappointing that such undermining comments are being introduced within the context of the upcoming pay review.”

Mr Crowley said officers at Cleveland were using food banks as they struggle with rising costs.

He added: “Last year, we received a seven per cent pay rise. It was a step in the right direction, but we are woefully underpaid. Not only for the work and commitment that is demonstrated day in, day out, but also in comparison to other industries and other areas of work.

“I see people leaving Cleveland Police and I know of other people leaving policing in general, nationally, to seek employment within the private sector, because they know that they will be valued far better.”

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