Officer injured after car rammed off motorway during pursuit

A Police Service of Northern Ireland Officer (PSNI) suffered “extensive whiplash injuries” after his patrol vehicle was rammed off the motorway during a pursuit at the weekend.

Apr 28, 2020
By Paul Jacques

The PSNI said officers from a road policing and safety patrol had detected a blue BMW travelling at excessive speed on the M22 on Saturday (April 25). The vehicle was signalled to stop but made off and a pursuit by a fully trained driver was authorised.

“The driver of the BMW continued to try to evade police before ramming his vehicle into the police car, forcing it off the carriageway. The male police driver was subsequently treated in hospital for extensive whiplash injuries,” said the PSNI.

The BMW was then abandoned in a layby and the driver is believed to have made off on foot across nearby fields.

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