Man jailed after ramming car into police vehicles

A man who repeatedly rammed his car into police vehicles and assaulted the officers who attempted to arrest him has been jailed for three years and eight months.

Apr 8, 2021
By Tony Thompson
Lewis Lloyd

Three officers were injured during the incident and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) said the man had “total disregard for the safety of others”.

On Saturday, January 16 at 11.30pm, officers from the MPS’s Operation Venice, were patrolling along Hertford Road, near Bullsmore Lane in Enfield. Intelligence suggested a black Audi, which was just ahead of them – stationary at red lights – was displaying false plates.

The crews of two police vehicles then implemented a reinforced stop, a pre-emptive manoeuvre performed by specially trained police drivers to prevent pursuits. They had effectively boxed him in. The driver, 27-year-old Lewis Lloyd, then repeatedly rammed his vehicle at both police vehicles in an attempt to escape. He continually reversed and accelerated causing his wheels to spin and smoke. As a result of these actions, bodywork damage was caused to both police vehicles involved.

Three officers then got out of their vehicles and attempted to detain Lloyd, who was still trying to flee in his vehicle.

Lloyd got out of his car and was Tasered several times by officers but this failed to subdue him, he was also sprayed with PAVA but this also had little effect on him. He then released a large Pitbull-type dog from the vehicle which then attempted to bite the officers. This also had to be Tasered.

Lloyd fled across Hertford Road, running into Mollison Avenue while being pursued by officers. He approached a vehicle and shouted at the driver to get out, before grabbing hold of him and attempting to pull him out of the car. The victim was held in by his seatbelt but Lloyd then proceeded to put both of his legs into the car and sit on the male victim, with his feet close to the pedals.

Officers approached the vehicle and told the driver to turn off his ignition. They then managed to detain and arrest Lloyd. During the incident all three officers sustained injuries.

When searched, Lloyd was found in possession of 23 wraps of Class A drugs and cash. Ten self-seal bags of cannabis were located in the front footwell of the Audi.

Following his detention, checks on the car showed it was stolen by means of a knifepoint robbery on December 8, 2020, from the Bethnal Green area of East London.

Lloyd was charged with three counts of assault by beating an emergency worker, assault with intent to commit robbery; handling stolen goods; dangerous driving; use a vehicle without insurance; possession with intent to supply Class A drugs (cocaine); possession with intent to supply Class B drugs (cannabis); failing to cooperate with a preliminary test – motor vehicle offence; failing to provide a sample of saliva for a Class A drug test and acquire/use/possess criminal property.

His dog was seized under Section One of the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Police Constable Katie Dennell, from the MPS’s Operation Venice team, said: “The actions of this man were both dangerous to himself and also others around him. It was clear he would do anything to avoid arrest. He had total disregard for the safety of others including both police and members of the public.”

Lloyd, of Weir Hall Road, Tottenham was sentenced on April 7 at Wood Green Crown Court. He had pleaded guilty to 12 offences at an earlier hearing.

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