Knighthood for College of Policing CEO

Chief Constable Andy Marsh, chief executive of the College of Policing, has expressed his “delight and surprise” on receiving a knighthood for services to policing in the King’s Birthday Honours list.

Jun 15, 2024
By Paul Jacques
Andy Marsh

He was among members of the police service who have had their commitment to public service recognised in the honours.

Mr Marsh said: “I was humbled to receive this prestigious honour, which I accept as a tribute to the hard work of the many dedicated officers and police staff I have been fortunate to serve alongside in two forces and at the College of Policing.

“Along with society, the world of policing has rightly undergone a seismic shift since I joined in the 1980s in terms of culture, attitude, and professionalism.

“I was motivated to join policing after watching my stepfather work as a Special in his spare time. I saw up close, before realising it myself, the enormous satisfaction and pride you get from public service, which is the essence of a good career in policing.

“In common with everyone in policing, I joined to make a difference and have taken the greatest satisfaction in doing just that for people and communities.

“I was also inspired by a patient, professional demanding tutor constable who helped iron out many of my faults and instilled in me the same values which make British policing the most admired across the world.

“I want to say thank you to all the tutor constables who play such an important role of leadership in policing.”

He added: “I hope this honour will inspire others who are considering a career in policing or have recently joined. They will see my journey and appreciate the tremendous opportunity which policing can offer everyone in the service, as well as the difference we can all make to the communities we serve.”

Nick Herbert (Lord Herbert of South Downs), chair of the College of Policing, said: “This is a fitting honour for the country’s longest-serving chief constable, an outstanding public servant who has delivered improved policing in two forces and is now leading change across the Service.

“Andy is highly regarded by his peers and respected by everyone who has worked with him. He cares deeply about the Service and the public, and he has shown exemplary leadership in transforming the college and driving higher standards and better performance in policing.

“I am absolutely delighted for Andy, and the college is proud he has been recognised in this way.”

Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Gavin Stephens, said: “I am so proud to see many of our policing family recognised in the King’s Birthday Honours list and would like to share my whole-hearted congratulations every single one.

“To receive recognition in this way is a brilliant achievement and it demonstrates the passion, professionalism and commitment they have to policing and the communities they serve.

“These individuals reflect the very best of policing and I am delighted their achievements have been acknowledged so positively today.”


The awards were for a range of reasons including, collaborative work with the CPS to improve high risk charging, leading the delivery of large scale national events and implementing effective measures to reduce bureaucracy and maintaining victim based focus and driving best practice across policing.


Andrew Marsh, Chief Executive, College of Policing

Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Mr Craig Batham, Special Chief Officer, South Yorkshire Police

Sarah Clarkson, Officer, National Crime Agency

Caroline Hay, Chief Inspector, City of London Police

Iain Sutherland, Special Constable (retired), Police Scotland

Diane McCarthy, staff member, British Transport Police

Saima Ashraf, senior finance auditor, Merseyside Police

King’s Police Medal (KPM)

England & Wales

Philip Anslow CARRUTH, Detective Inspector, Metropolitan Police Service.

Kathleen Mary COULTER, lately, Detective Sergeant, South Yorkshire Police.

Nicholas DEAN, Chief Constable, Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

Richard DEBICKI, lately, Deputy Chief Constable, North Wales Police.

Professor Stanley Weir GILMOUR, lately, Detective Superintendent, Thames Valley Police.

Catherine Elizabeth LARSEN, lately, Inspector, Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

David William McCAUGHREAN, lately, Detective Superintendent, Merseyside Police.

Helen Ramsay MILLICHAP, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police Service.

Dr. Olaniyi OPALEYE, Special Sergeant, Kent Police.

Nicholas Paul REUTER, lately, Sergeant, Thames Valley Police.

Alan RHEES-COOPER, Chief Inspector, West Yorkshire Police.

Christopher John ROWLEY, lately, Chief Constable, Lancashire Constabulary.

James RUDGE, lately, Detective Sergeant, West Yorkshire Police.

Mark Alan WEBSTER, Chief Constable, Cleveland Police.

Fraser WILSON, Chief Inspector, Cleveland Police.

Viran WILTSHIRE, Detective Sergeant, Metropolitan Police Service.

David YANSEN, Constable, Metropolitan Police Service.

Northern Ireland

John CARDWELL, Detective Chief Inspector, Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Niall McCREADY, Detective Sergeant, Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Mervyn SEFFEN, Superintendent, Police Service of Northern Ireland.


Derek BYRNE, lately, Chief Officer and Commissioner of Police, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Stephen ELLEN, Deputy Chief Constable, Sovereign Base Area Police – Cyprus.

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