Home Secretary condemns 'shocking' attack on police van

Home Secretary Priti Patel has condemned an arson attack on a Cleveland Police emergency response van as “shameful and shocking”.

Apr 17, 2020
By Tony Thompson

Two officers had left the vehicle to attend an address in Middlesbrough on Wednesday evening (April 15). A street warden saw the van on fire and alerted the authorities.

No one was injured but the vehicle was destroyed.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Graham said: “This is a shocking and disgusting attack on an emergency services vehicle, which now has to be taken off the road, impacting the service we provide to the public and at a cost of thousands to the public purse.

“I cannot fathom why anyone would decide to set fire to one our vehicles; our officers and staff are all leaving their families to deliver a service on the frontline during these unprecedented times.

“They are just as concerned as everyone else about what is happening and are having to adapt to changes in their home and working lives as keyworkers. I’m thankful that no one was physically injured, but it has shocked my teams that someone, or a group of people, would stoop this low.”

Ms Patel took to Twitter to express her disgust at the incident, describing it as “just terrible” and “a shameful and shocking attack”.

A 31-year-old man is in police custody after being arrested on suspicion of arson.

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