Gloucestershire launches new online reporting tools

Gloucestershire Constabulary has launched three new online reporting tools for rural, wildlife and heritage crimes.

Aug 27, 2021
By Tony Thompson

The forms comprise ‘Report a rural crime’, ‘Report a wildlife crime’, and ‘Tell us about a possible wildlife or rural crime’, with the latter form designed to enable people to report intelligence of crimes that could, or are going to, happen.

Gloucestershire Constabulary said these crime types were a focus for the force due to its “predominantly rural landscape” and the impact that these crimes can have not only on communities but on the diverse wildlife.

It added: “Feedback from members of the public highlighted how reporting these crimes online was difficult with some people being unsure of where to report. In light of this information, research was undertaken to understand how we can support the public and create an easy, quick and effective online reporting option.”

This resulted in Gloucestershire Constabulary creating some basic online reporting forms locally before officially launching them on Wednesday (August 25) after a three-month trial period, which showed what people were reporting and where.

Detective Superintendent Paul Keasey said: “As a constabulary we fully recognise the negative impact rural, wildlife and heritage crimes can have on local rural communities and businesses and I am hopeful that our new online reporting forms will play a huge part in us finding out more information, so that we can tackle the concerns raised.

“We have a big desire to support the rural communities of Gloucestershire and it’s really important that we can develop a two way conversation with the public so that we can be more aware of the issues that are faced and work together to solve them.”

To find out more or to report a rural, wildlife or heritage crime:

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