Forces to pilot new process for promotion and progression for sergeants and inspectors

The College of Policing is working with several forces to test the new Sergeant and Inspector Promotion and Progression (SIPP) process following complaints that the current programme was “overly complex” and time-consuming.

May 23, 2024
By Paul Jacques
Picture: College of Policing

The college said the new process is “simpler, fairer and more accessible”.

“Recognising and promoting those with the right knowledge, potential and skills to be the policing leaders of the future is essential to help policing adapt to changing demands and to improve public confidence and trust,” said the college.

“In a review of the current process, the college heard from officers that it is overly complex, there is not enough focus on leadership skills and that good potential candidates are put off by the time and resources needed to prepare for the exam.

“We’ve worked with a range of policing partners to develop a new process that is simpler, fairer, and more accessible. The new process is based on consistent national leadership standards that support cultural change.”

A small number of forces will take part in a test phase that will run until March 2026. These include Gwent Police, Lincolnshire Police, Leicestershire Police and Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

The new SIPP process will focus on three stages: development, selection and promotion. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate their readiness for leadership in various ways including: successful professional development review; completion of specified leadership training; and practice-based evidence.

They will also take an examination to assess their legal knowledge with questions specific to the role they are applying for. Partnership forces will support and advise their candidates throughout the process.

Forces not taking part in the test phase will continue to operate the existing four-step promotion process via the National Police Promotion Framework.

The college said no decision has been made about the future promotion process.

“Evaluation will take place throughout the SIPP test phase. This will include feedback from officers who have taken part in the test process,” it said.

“We’ll review the findings and make recommendations based on this review. We’ll also continue to work closely with forces and stakeholders, including the National Police Chiefs’ Council and the Police Federation throughout testing and final development.”

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