Force to assess demand for Tasers

Leicestershire Police and Leicestershire Police Federation have teamed up to find out how many officers in the county want to carry Taser.

Dec 16, 2019
By Website Editor

The survey – sent to all officers on Monday (December 16) – will help inform decisions on how many need to be trained in the use of the device.

Survey questions include whether an officer has been assaulted in the past two years and if they feel that having a Taser would have made them feel safer.

Dave Stokes, Chairman of Leicestershire Police Federation, said: “We want to find out a true picture as to whether officers want to carry a Taser… and also the level of threat they face out there on the streets.

“This is continuing part of our ongoing #ProtectTheProtectors campaign and the results will help the Police Federation to work to ensure that our members have the greatest protection available to them.”

Leicestershire Police officers have until midnight on Friday, January 10 to complete the short survey, which is being emailed to all officers. The results will be shared with chief officers and then will be made public.

Mr Stokes added: “We are really pleased to be working with the Leicestershire Police force on this project – and that there is a commitment from senior officers to want to protect both their officers and the public.

“We would urge all of our 1,800-plus colleagues to take the time to fill in the short survey to ensure we get that true picture and to help us help make police officers safer.”

Chief Inspector of Local Policing, Mick Fletcher, said: “I’m collating information so that chief officers can make decisions on the future use of Tasers by Leicestershire Police officers. It is important for me to capture your views, whether you are a strong supporter of Tasers, or if they’re not for you. 

“Better understanding of the wishes of staff will allow me to make more informed predictions on the numbers who would wish to be trained in its use. Even if you’re not interested in being trained, to support your colleagues please take a short time to complete this survey.”

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