Assaulted police to give impact statements to Scottish courts

Police who have been the victims of assaults will be able to give more information to Scottish courts on the impact the violence has had on them.

Mar 14, 2022
By Website Editor

An agreement between Police Scotland and the Crown Office means police officers and staff who have been assaulted on duty will be able to give victim impact information to courts.

Previously, such information was not available in all cases as police would focus on providing factual submissions to the courts.

It means the impact of the violence on the officers and the police force – such as time taken off sick – can be considered during sentencing.

Assistant chief constable Kenny MacDonald said any attacks on police were “utterly deplorable”.

He said: “Previously, we focused on the facts of the case. As in, what happened? Rather than, how has that impacted me as an individual? How has that impacted to see others? What does that mean for communities?”

The latest Police Scotland figures show assaults on police in 2021/22 are 10.2 per cent higher than the five-year average.

Mr MacDonald said: “Being the victim of an assault will, understandably, have a profound impact on anyone and causes physical and psychological harm to dedicated public servants.

“Violence against our people not only affects the individuals, but the wider service as well as the communities we serve. There is also a cost to the public purse through days lost to ill-health or personal injury claims.”

“I believe this is a further step in the right direction to tackle violence against officers and staff.”

Anthony McGeehan, deputy crown agent, said: “Assaults on police officers and staff are unacceptable and taken extremely seriously by COPFS (Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service).

“It is hoped the inclusion of impact information will give a clearer picture of the consequences of such offending, including the specific impact on victims.”

Justice Secretary, Keith Brown, said: “No-one should be the victim of abuse or violence while at work – least of all hard-working police officers. Assaults on police officers are despicable and it is only right (that) details of the impact of violence against police officers and staff will now be provided to the courts so it can better be taken into consideration.

“We continue to encourage all organisations across the justice sector to support staff who experience violence in the workplace and that includes reporting incidents to the police for action to be taken.”

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