World’s smallest TETRA radio launched in the UK

The world’s smallest fully-featured TETRA handset for mission-critical voice and data communication is to be made available in the UK through the National Airwave Framework Agreement.

Apr 16, 2014
By Paul Jacques
L-R: Alison Lowe, John Robins, chief constable of West Yorkshire Police, and Mayor Tracy Brabin

The TH1n from Airbus Defence and Space has gone through the formal evaluation process with CESG, the UK Government’s national technical authority for information assurance and certification is imminent. Over the past 12 months it has also undergone conformance tests conducted by Airwave which confirm its suitability to operate on the Airwave nationwide TETRA network, used by the emergency services and other Airwave sharers.

The lightweight TH1n is small enough to be slipped into a pocket or attached to a belt, making it ideal for a whole range of users, in addition to those in conventional roles. It has particular appeal for those wearing light uniforms or business clothing as it can be carried discreetly.

The radio has a ‘Where are you?’ feature that tells users through graphical information displayed on the handset how far away their closest colleagues are – both in terms of distance and direction – without consuming traffic units, particularly useful for those working in large open areas or remote rural locations.

The handset was awarded ‘Best Tetra Enterprise Product’ at last year’s International TETRA Awards.

The multi-supplier National Airwave Framework Agreement is open to public sector bodies using the Airwave service via the Bluelight portal.

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