Shared information service for South Yorkshire and Humberside

Police authorities in South Yorkshire and Humberside have given the go-ahead to create a single information service (IS) function serving both counties.

Apr 19, 2012
By Dilwar Hussain
Detective Chief Superintendent Jon McAdam

Police authorities in South Yorkshire and Humberside have given the go-ahead to create a single information service (IS) function serving both counties.

This latest collaboration between South Yorkshire Police and Humberside Police is designed to create a robust and resilient service to support both forces, which has the capacity and capability for both current and future needs.

Business transformation and change specialist Paul Thrustle, previously head of systems at East Coast Mainline, will head up the new service. He was appointed in December 2011 to lead the development of a shared IS service between the two forces and will be supported by a shared single management structure to develop and maintain the new service.

As part of his role, Mr Thrustle has been tasked with identifying collaborative opportunities to improve services between the two forces’ IS functions. This will provide opportunities to share resources, expertise and systems and streamline the service.

South Yorkshire and Humberside already have a shared human resources (HR) and training function.

Nigel Hiller, South Yorkshire Police’s director of finance and sponsor for the shared service, said: “The creation of a single IS model will assist in the drive for long-term sustainability. It will deliver savings while enhancing services to both forces – effectively providing more for less.

“The service will provide a platform for future changes and both help in being more efficient and effective while sharing knowledge and resources. It will also reduce duplication, improve ways of working, share expertise and reduce bureaucracy.”

Phil Goatley, assistant chief officer at Humberside Police, added: “Collaboration of information services will not only benefit both forces financially but it will also help to improve delivery of frontline services to the people of Humberside and South Yorkshire.”

Charles Perryman, chair of South Yorkshire Police Authority, said the collaboration was in line with the police authorities’ commitment to protect and better support frontline services.

“The single model will deliver improvements to service delivery and ultimately policing outcomes,” he said.

“South Yorkshire and Humberside already share HR and training functions and joining IS will further enhance the partnership approach, generating further savings.”

Ros Taylor MBE, chair of Humberside Police Authority, added: “The removal of internal boundaries will facilitate specialist IS resources being deployed flexibly across both forces. It will generate greater resilience and capacity to implement the biggest workforce changes facing the police service in a generation.”

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