PCC receives apology for typo-ridden job ad

The Guardian has apologised to a police and crime commissioner (PCC) after it inserted spelling mistakes into a high-profile job advert.

Apr 7, 2017
L-R: PC Joe Swan, Sgt Thomas Neilson and Sgt Chris Smith

Leicestershire PCC Lord Willy Bach’s office submitted an advert to the paper seeking a new chief executive on a salary of £75,000.

However, when the text appeared in print, it was peppered with nine errors including misspellings of words like ‘the’, ‘effective’, ‘office’ and ‘fulfil’.

The advert told prospective candidates “te [sic] Chief Executive is also the Monitoring Ofcer [sic] with responsibilities for the legal decisions of the commissioner”.

“Te [sic] ability to travel around the county, to fulfl [sic] the duties of the post, is essential,” it added.

“If you are an excellent staf [sic] leader and have a desire to succeed in challenging times, with the ability to form good working relationships please view the attached link for details of how to apply.”

Lord Bach’s office has confirmed that the mistakes were not submitted in the original copy and the text was not approved before being published.

The PCC has also been reassured that the correct advert will be printed in the future free of charge.

A spokesperson said: “How this happened is a question for The Guardian. However, we have received an apology from The Guardian alongside an acknowledgement that the fault in no way lies with the office of the police and crime commissioner.

“The commissioner, understandably, is not very pleased, but looks forward to publication of the correct advertisement.

“It is hoped that this unfortunate incident does not deter any candidates from applying for this role.”

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