New technology delivers faster response times in Leicestershire

New technology developed by L&A Consultants is helping Leicestershire Constabulary ensure it is able to deploy its officers and offer a service to its citizens.

Jul 26, 2007
By David Howell
John Boyd

New technology developed by L&A Consultants is helping Leicestershire Constabulary ensure it is able to deploy its officers and offer a service to its citizens.

Improvements in response times, as well as 20 per cent cost savings, have been achieved in a pilot study, using L&A Consultants’ new iR3 technology.

The 54-vehicle trial used the technology, which offers intelligent location software with a sophisticated mapping system to make resource deployment more effective and efficient, while ensuring officers are supported while out on patrol.

The technology was activated in vehicles patrolling the North Leicestershire area to provide the control room with real-time information on the location of police resources. A signal is automatically sent back to the control room every six seconds so officers are able to quickly deploy the closest vehicle or officer, thus improving the force’s ability to respond quickly to incidents.

The project has led to substantial operational benefits. Results show that controllers were able to ensure a vehicle was traveling to an incident before briefing details were communicated – a response that would sometimes take up to 15 minutes has been reduced to five.

Sergeant Bill Liddle said: “A vehicle can now be on its way to a serious incident several minutes before incident details would previously have arrived at the dispatcher’s desk. The sort of incident where this has beneficial impact is where the caller has a lot of information to pass on or is maintaining a running commentary.”

The accuracy of the technology has allowed the force to map demand and to ensure sufficient resources are made available in local areas to meet this need, thus providing greater reassurance to local communities. The pilot also showed increased confidence among patrolling officers, who appreciated the additional support of the station control room.

Liddle continued: “The system has become an integral tool in live management of resources across Leicestershire Constabulary’s North Area, and has had a beneficial impact on officer safety, resource maintenance, fleet use and driver behavior.”

The project has allowed Leicestershire to improve policing effectiveness while making real financial savings. By evaluating trends in resource deployment, mileage, management performance, officer safety and local crime analysis they have been able to ensure resources are used to best effect.

Previously, the station control room would call up all available vehicles to an urgent incident to ensure one arrived as quickly as possible, where the new system ensures only the officers that are needed are deployed. Using the technology, the force has also been able to see how long vehicles are out of action for while officers were in custody suites – information that previously was not easily accessible.

Accidents involving police vehicles reduce vehicle availability. The new system not only reduces the number of vehicles unnecessarily exposed to incidents but also provides critical evidence to support police officers in the case of a collision. So far the project has produced cashable savings of £4 for every £1 invested with an annual saving of over £1.1 million. It is now being rolled out across the rest of the force.

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