New blast mitigation system now available

Waterwall, the new rapid deployment water-based blast mitigation system, is now available from Cintec International.

Jun 1, 2007
By David Howell

Waterwall, the new rapid deployment water-based blast mitigation system, is now available from Cintec International. Minimal training is necessary in the operation of the system that comprises a range of self-inflating, water filled structures capable of providing a high level of protection to people and property against terrorist devices from a car bomb down to a shoe-sized device, including those containing chemical, biological and radiological agents.

Peter James, managing director Cintec International, said: “This new product for the first time enables organisations with responsibility for the safety of people on their premises to provide protection against explosive devices, in the same way that the seat belt or the fire extinguisher became standard technology to protect people.”

The Waterwall system is available in a range of sizes that include: Maxi Bin, Mini Bin, Split Mini Bin, EOD Bin and the Ram Bag. The structural stability of Waterwall has enabled Cintec International to produce a structure large enough to enclose a vehicle of up to seven tons. Known as the Vehicle Isolation System, it will segregate a vehicle suspected of carrying a dirty bomb and protect against the effects of chemical, biological or nuclear agents as well as from the effects of the explosion.

As well as a complete enclosure, the Waterwall system can also be deployed as a series of panels that can be used at checkpoints or other locations where barrier protection is needed.
Manufactured from poly vinyl chloride or neoprene-coated fabric, Waterwall structures are internally reinforced using a specialist stitching technique to enable them to maintain their shape and stability.

First they are partially filled with air to provide stability, then water (typically from a fire hydrant), the water displacing the air through a pressure relief valve.

The low cost of the Waterwall system and its availability in a wide-range of sizes makes it ideal for government or private use. The smaller units can easily be stored in a police patrol car that is attending an incident where a suspect package has been discovered.

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