New ‘intelligent’ CCTV technology

Videalert has unveiled a new technology which effectively turns CCTV cameras into intelligent eyes.

Apr 10, 2008
By Paul Jacques
L-R: PC Joe Swan, Sgt Thomas Neilson and Sgt Chris Smith

Videalert has unveiled a new technology which effectively turns CCTV cameras into intelligent eyes.

Through the use of highly sophisticated algorithms, the Videalert system transforms cameras from ‘passive observers’ to ‘intelligent overseers’ capable of identifying, analysing and tracking potential threats – all in real-time.

Until now, most CCTV control centres have relied on human observation to identify potential threats. The Videalert system effectively removes the element of chance and changes the human observer into a proactive decision maker.

The system is pre-programmed with a set of threat-specific rules. When it detects unauthorised movement across a perimeter or an abandoned object or vehicle, or loitering or indeed any kind of unusual or suspicious activity, it automatically alerts the security officer.

The technology is IP ready and can be integrated into an existing CCTV system. With many additional functions, such as people and vehicle counting, theft detection and object tracking, the system has wide ranging applications.

It is ideal for use in key areas such as retail, banking and finance, public and government buildings, border control, sports and leisure arenas, airports and railway stations.

Extreme CCTV has released its new EX85 that combines dual CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) megapixel sensors, IP Infrared Imaging (I3) design and Black Diamond™ IR technology.

The company claims that it will “deliver the most advanced level of imaging performance available for today’s critical security applications”.

The EX85 delivers 3.1 million colour pixels by day and 1.3 million monochrome pixels by night. Combined with infrared technology, the EX85 delivers up to 128m (420ft) of high-quality, evenly illuminated night vision.

The EX85 also incorporates technology which helps to stabilise networks by minimising bandwidth requirements.

Its rugged outdoor enclosure makes the camera suitable for most environments.

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