Multi-function biometric tablet ensures secure data transfer

A new multi-function biometric tablet has been launched that will allow police to securely collect and transmit sensitive data, such as information gathered during an investigation.

Mar 19, 2014
By Paul Jacques

The compact touchscreen device guarantees secure mobile data operation using biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition) and cryptographic security functions.

The MorphoTablet™ has a fingerprint reader – FBI-certified to comply with the PIV IQS (Personal Identity Verification-Image Quality Specifications) standard – and a high-resolution camera to capture and check biometric data. Its tamper-proof hardware and integrated encryption functions provide enhanced security to protect sensitive data and associated transactions.

Light and compact with a 7in touchscreen, the terminal is ideally suited to all types of operations in the field.

Combining biometrics with integrated card readers – contact and contactless, including NFC (near field communication) – the tablet can be used to verify people’s identities in a wide variety of situations and environments, such as on-the-spot ID checks.

The Android-based tablet supports wi-fi, Bluetooth and cellular networks.

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