Hi-tech helicopter will be unveiled at expo

The latest hi-tech police helicopter will be on show at this year’s ACPO Exhibition, when McAlpine Helicopters unveil their new EC145 Future Police Helicopter.

May 6, 2005
By Keith Potter
Cliff Mitchell

“The new helicopter will move police aviation onto a new level of capability,” says David Lewis, McAlpine’s sales director. “Since the early days of police aviation, now over 20 years ago, forces have always been limited by aircraft size and a resultant limited flexibility; this new machine addresses those concerns.”

Designed to be complimentary to the outstanding and still current EC135, the EC145 brings with it a significant increase in cabin size, along with a greater operational range; it is fitted with a range of operational equipment including a winch, fast roping beams, wire cutters and public address systems.

“The need to combat international terrorism has brought with it the need for air support to become more proactive rather than reactive,” says Lewis. “In addition its cabin size facilitates the transport of equipment into areas where road-based vehicles would struggle.
“This machine offers forces the ability to develop a range of tactics all within the capability of the aircraft – it is a significant step forward.”

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