Fingertip alcohol scanner launched

A finger-touch system to detect alcohol levels has just been unveiled in the UK.

May 2, 2013
By Paul Jacques

A finger-touch system to detect alcohol levels has just been unveiled in the UK.

The AlcoSense TruTouch uses pioneering technology that has been shown to be 96 per cent accurate and capable of determining a person’s level of intoxication in seconds with just a touch of the finger.

It uses a near-infrared light to measure blood alcohol content in the skin via contact with an optical pad. The light reflected back by the skin is then analysed to determine alcohol concentration in the tissue and to verify the identity of the user, which means it could be linked to entrances or turnstiles making supervision unnecessary.

Suzannah Robin, sales director of AlcoDigital which exhibited the device at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show, said: “Alcohol abuse is not a problem restricted to transport. Screening every employee, every day can produce a step-change in underlying behaviour. Vehicle interlocks can ensure drivers are tested on a daily basis, but TruTouch introduces the same safety culture to every environment.”

She added: “While not a UK certified device, AlcoDigital has combined the TruTouch with its new portable, on-site testing system Lab-in-a-Bag, which is approved in the UK for police use and provides results for both drugs and alcohol that can be defended in court if necessary.”

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