Digital pens cut admin time for traffic officers to seconds

Colombia’s Bogota Police Department is to equip 400 traffic police officers with a digital writing system to automate the time-consuming administrative tasks associated with traffic tickets and accident reports.
The processing of traffic fines will be reduced to just seconds while the department expects to see a return on investment (ROI) in the digital pens within 12 months.

Apr 2, 2014
By Paul Jacques

The Anoto digital writing solution is already used by 4,000 frontline officers at the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to reduce administrative tasks when recording witness statements.

“Processing traffic fines and accident reports can be a time-consuming task,” said Albeiro Montoya, CEO of Habitual Data in Colombia which is rolling out the system for Anoto. “The aim of implementing the technology was to ensure a more efficient and streamlined process for collecting and processing traffic fines and accident reports. The digital pen technology, together with our platform, will allow Bogota Police to cut down administrative time from days to seconds.”

Under the existing workflow, police officers complete the traffic fines with regular pens and paper forms. It can then take several days before the ticket information is entered into the local government’s computer system.

Using Anoto digital writing in conjunction with mobile phones, officers will be able to send fines and accident reports directly to the computer system for immediate processing.

“The pace of the world today means that in markets such as law enforcement there is no time to waste on administrative tasks,” said Stein Revelsby, CEO of Anoto. “By not over-complicating or over-equipping police officers, the Bogota Police Department is able to rely on trusted workflow practices, but with the benefits of digital writing.”

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