Constables on Promotion to Sergeant
Type: Permanent Location: North West Organisation: Greater Manchester Police

Location: Forcewide

The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police is looking to recruit high performing, resilient, suitably experienced, eligible Constables seeking promotion to Sergeant.

If you are passionate about delivering the highest quality policing to the communities we serve, this is a great opportunity for you.

Applications are invited from Greater Manchester Police officers and officers seeking transfer on promotion to Sergeant from their current force.

About the role

Successful candidates will support us in delivering the transformation needed to ensure our significant improvements are lasting.

The successful candidates will:

  • Supervise a team, managing their wellbeing and welfare, development and ensuring high levels of motivation to enable an effective policing service.

  • Provide advice and guidance to team members to ensure that responses are delivered with appropriate policies and legislation and achieve the best possible outcomes.

  • Monitor and manage the performance of the team, devising and implementing effective strategies to identify issues and improve team/individual performance to ensure adherence to professional standards and contribute to the achievement of unit/force objectives.

  • Contribute to the identification of appropriate internal and external local partners to enable progress against community policing objectives.

Eligibility Criteria

Please do not apply unless you meet the eligibility criteria below.

Applicants must:

  • have the support of their Chief Inspector or Police Staff equivalent (including applicants from other forces).

  • have a current pass in the Sergeant’s Legal Knowledge Exam or OSPRE Part 1 & 2 Exams. Please note that officers who have sat the recent Legal Knowledge Exam will be eligible for this process if they are successful. As the results did not come out until late March, we will endeavour to give these officers a later date in the process.

  • have a good record of attendance, meeting force targets.

  • not be subject to any written improvement notices issued under the Police Performance Regs (2020).

  • not be subject to a live final written warning, written warning or extended written warning under the Police Conduct Regs (2020)

  • be in an active PDR cycle.

Application Process

Complete the registration form and return to no later than 1200 hours Friday 3rd May 2024.

Applicants external to GMP should also click on ‘Apply’ below to register their details and provide a supporting statement (150 words) why they want to work in GMP.

Supported applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will be invited to attend a board, comprising an interview and presentation on a date between 28th May and 19th July 2024.

Officers who were unsuccessful in all 2023 processes are eligible to apply for this process.

Officers applying for Fast Track PC – Inspector

If you are supported to apply for the Fast Track Programme, you are still eligible to apply for the general Sergeant promotion process if you wish.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Workforce Development at

Should you require any reasonable adjustments during the recruitment process, please contact the promotions team by email

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