Transferee – Constable Operations, Sex Offender Management Unit (SOMU)
Type: Permanent Location: North West Organisation: Greater Manchester Police

Greater Manchester Police has a fantastic opportunity on offer ...........

Could you manage some of Greater Manchester’s most dangerous people?

Could you work in partnership to try and reintegrate those people back into society through multiple obstacles?

Is your priority to keep the public safe from potential harm?

Do you want to use overt and covert tactics to monitor and disrupt our most prolific offenders?

If yes – then Greater Manchester Police’s Sex Offender Management Unit wants to recruit you.


The Public Protection Division invites you to apply as a Transferee for the role of Police Constable / Detective Constable in the Sex Offender Management Unit.

Successful applicants will be part of one of four SOMU teams that cover all geographical areas of GMP. We operate a Monday to Sunday shift pattern, with one weekend worked in four and one long weekend off in four. The team benefits from nine rest days every four weeks. Working as part of a hybrid mix of Detective Sergeant, Police Sergeant, Detective Constable, Police Constable and Investigative Assistants, you will work alongside other agencies including the Probation Service through MAPPA arrangements to manage the risk posed by Registered Sex Offenders (RSOs) in the community.

The SOMU teams are currently supported by a Crime Progression Team (CPT) and an Intelligence Desk. The CPT targets RSOs committing offences through arrest and prosecution. They have around a third of SOMU crime and they look to resolve offences quickly and vigorously. Our Intelligence Desk proactively uses overt and covert tactics to ascertain breaches which can then be acted upon by the Offender Manager or the CPT.

GMP is at the forefront of new procedures and technology. We actively use Buddi tag technology to track and trace RSOs and monitoring equipment technology on devices to identify breaches of orders so that further action can be taken to mitigate and disrupt. SOMU has a fantastic close working relationship with the expertise in the Digital Forensic Investigation Unit (DFIU), ensuring that we factor in their specialist knowledge and skills when taking action against RSOs.

Running regular surveillance operations, SOMU Offender Managers get the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and expertise in this area whilst also mitigating the risk posed by our RSOs.

GMP is at the forefront of polygraph usage within the Sex Offender arena, with SOMU working closely with our Polygraph Team to enhance intelligence, identify disposal options such as Conditional Cautions and to supplement the risk assessment processes for those RSOs who are eligible to have their conditions / requirements reviewed.


  • Monitor the activities of Registered Sex Offenders (RSOs) to obtain intelligence and conduct risk assessments.

  • Examine intelligence logs and disseminate information for criminal intelligence purposes, including the creation of briefing packages to district staff and specialist units.

  • Take responsibility for robustly managing a cohort of RSOs, ensuring that they comply with their Sex Offender Registration requirements and any Court Orders which place restrictions on them, such as Sexual Harm Prevention Orders.

  • Proactively take positive action to address any breaches or further offences committed by RSOs to ensure the safety of the public.

  • Ensure that the national ViSOR system is updated with management information and risk assessments for RSOs in Greater Manchester.

  • Assist district and departmental staff in all matters relating to RSOs including applications for Sexual Harm Prevention Orders, Foreign Travel Orders and Notification Orders.

  • Prepare files for Court and other interested parties and attend Court / partner agency meetings when required.

  • Monitor and maintain your own personal and professional development whilst seeking continuous improvement and new ways of working to contribute towards achieving organisational objectives.


  • Considered suitably fit following a full medical examination by the Force Medical Officer.

  • Attended the PIP 1 Investigators Course in Volume and Priority crime or equivalent standard. We also welcome candidates who have completed the PIP 2 Serious and Complex investigation.

  • Possess knowledge of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

  • Possess knowledge of the Criminal Justice & Court Services Act 2000.

  • Understand national standards and guidance relating to the management of Sex Offenders in the community and Sex Offender Risk Assessments.

  • Possess knowledge of Data Protection, disclosure issues and Human Rights legislation.


  • Completion of the Transferee Induction Course.

  • Annual Mandatory First Aid and Officer Safety Training.

  • As required, Management of Sexual and Violent Offenders (MOSOVO), ViSOR and Active Risk Management System (ARMS), along with other technology training.


  • Must have passed your probationary period within current Police Force.

  • Pass required vetting status.

  • Warrant Status: Warranted Position.

  • Starting salary – National Police Officer Scales which depends on current Force and salary. Email: for more information.


Greater Manchester is one of the largest and most diverse Policing areas within England and Wales covering an area of nearly 500 square miles. It is home to approximately 2.8 million people, forming 1.2 million households. This makes Greater Manchester the second largest city region in the UK and home to almost 5% of the UK population.

The region is a mixture of rural and remote areas, with the two cities of Manchester and Salford surrounded by eight large metropolitan areas; Bolton, Bury Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, and Wigan. It is also bordered by multiple other counties which makes it a great place to commute into.

Greater Manchester is a beacon of variety and diversity, through its people who live, study, work and visit and through its places including its neighbourhoods, town centres, amenities, cultural attractions, and green spaces. With a vibrant rich history, culture and music scene, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Highlights include the iconic Old Trafford Stadium, the more modern Etihad Stadium and the wonders of the Science and Industry Museum. For foodies, Ancoats offers an emporium of different food tastes. Night owls who are attracted to culture, diversity, music and nightlife will find that in the Northern Quarter with its plethora of restaurants and bars. Host to the Warehouse Project, Parklife and a wide range of music venues, Greater Manchester has plenty for all ages and personalities.

Greater Manchester Police is one of the most improved Police Forces in the UK with a clear vision and pathway to become the best in the UK. We want you to be part of this exciting journey to an outstanding service.

In 2023, SOMU increased arrests by 131% compared to the same period in 2022. Through its 408 recorded arrests the unit is proactively and robustly tackling the potential threat posed by Sex Offenders in the community. It works together with other departments and districts to respond to risk efficiently and vigorously. SOMU has bolstered its commitment to ensuring justice and safety in our communities by boosting its solved crime in 2023 by over 86% from 412 to 765.

SOMU’s main hub is based in Ashton-under-Lyne at Nexus House, along with other Public Protection and Serious Crime Division teams. Located right next to the M60 motorway and a short walk away from the Metrolink tram stops, it provides excellent transport connectivity to the rest of Manchester and bordering counties. Housed in a modern building with ample onsite parking, a canteen, Coffee Pod, Wellbeing Room and Gym, it is a welcoming location for all to work from. The SOMU office is open plan, with several breakaway rooms for quiet working.

The main SOMU hub is supported by three other hubs across the Greater Manchester Policing area: Wigan, Bolton and Swinton. This gives us flexibility in our offer to the public and in turn in our offer to our people. Current and future vacancies are likely to be across the Force and consideration will be given to individual preferences where possible. GMP has also recently introduced a salary sacrifice scheme for vehicles which means that our people have plenty of choice in how they get to and from work.

We want candidates to transferee to GMP who are hardworking, dedicated individuals who have a strong desire to tenaciously manage the risk posed by our most serious offenders through support, robustness, and proactivity. In joining our SOMU, you will be part of a team that cares about protecting our most vulnerable people from potential harm, with the personal satisfaction, rewards and recognition that then subsequently comes from doing such a tricky task. You will join us on our mission to rapidly move GMP into a place where it manages our offenders in the most outstanding way, by doing the basics brilliantly.

GMP is full of individuals and teams who are committed, professional, compassionate, and courageous, who do things every single day that most people either could not or would not want to do. We are here to take on criminals, to keep individuals and families safe from those who want to do them harm and to work in partnership to solve the problems in our communities to reduce crime and to prevent reoffending.

With a new Chief Constable, strengthened executive leadership; clear direction and a renewed commitment to giving everything we can to improve services to our communities, there has never been a better time to for you to join team GMP.


  1. Expression of Interest and/or Application Form

  2. Initial Suitability Check /Paper sift

  3. Interview Invite (if pass eligibility screening)

  4. Vetting, Medical, Fitness Test, PDR / Pre-Checks

  5. Final Offer

Please note that you must be employed by a Home Office Force in order to apply.

Regrettably, we cannot accept applications from officers working for the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC).

The Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful to discriminate against a disabled person in all areas of employment, including recruitment. The Police Service welcomes people with disabilities and will do its best to make reasonable adjustments to the working arrangements and/ or the working environment providing it is possible to do so.

If you have a disability and you require support with your application, please let us know so we can consider and support you with any reasonable adjustments you may require.

Should you require reasonable adjustments during the recruitment process, please let us know during the selection process.

For further information, please contact the Transferee Team at

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